Sunday, 16 March 2008

Knockout gluten free tips

When you first find you need to live with a gluten free diet you can only think what a major change this will be and tremble at the thought of what you need to do to change your lifestyle. How can you possibly make the adjustment? Worry not, many people take this in their stride and live a relatively normal life. These gluten free tips will help you to make the transition easily.

Check online, you will often find helpful web sites dealing with gluten free guidance. Some sites we identified were gluten free advice and gluten free guide and gluten free information.

1. Plan ahead when you go out. There is nothing worse that deciding to stay on a trip longer than originally planned and finding that you cannot find anything to eat. If you will not be near a modern supermarket or large restaurant then take some gluten free snacks with you. Rice cakes are a good example, light and easy to carry but they can get you through hunger pangs until you return home to a refreshing gluten free meal. Fruit is also a good easy carry food which will last the day as are nut bars.

2. Err on the side of caution. When reading the ingredients on a food item if in any doubt do not eat it. Manufacturers often subtly hide gluten in meals. Whilst many foods are labeled as gluten free some food labels such as modified starch are ambiguous and could represent wheat flour or a corn based ingredient. When in doubt leave it out!

3. Get a gluten free cooking book. There are millions of people with celiac condition and thousands of gluten free rcepies. Don't try to think of everything for yourself, use the learnings of others and enjoy what you eat. At first, changing to a gluten free set of ingrediants can result in dry food unless you learn how to use these new ingredients. Turning to established, gluten free recepies takes you straight to being a successful cook.

If you are interested in participating in an online discussion we know of a good gluten free blog which you should check out. Also more recently a new gluten free web blog has sprung up which is worth a few moments.

Maintaining a gluten free diet may seem to be quite a challenge at first but that is only in the first few weeks as you change to the new regime. In a short period of time, following good gluten free tips such as these, you will find that you enjoy eating, going out to restaurants and even visiting foreign countries whilst managing to maintain a gluten free diet. One of our friends did this and has started a journal to record their gluten free tips at this gluten free site. Alternatively some new gluten free tips can be found on this no gluten blog.